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A horse of a different color

Join us for a life-changing

Authentic Leadership Workshop

Did you know that horses can tell when you're afraid?
Well, that's not entirely accurate. Acting like you're not afraid when, in fact, you are - that's what the horse knows and does not trust.
Spring 2009!
How does that translate to your style and effectiveness at work?

April 21-22
8:30 to 4:30 Both Days

Available to individuals or groups

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Universal Reins is located on the rolling
hills of 65-acre Caerindoll Farm,
20 minutes from Lexington, Kentucky

Universal Reins is pleased to present this workshop in partnership with:

In a professional environment, there are many forces trying to drive and influence you to respond to their needs - your investors, your partners, your boss, your direct reports, and even your administrative assistant.

How can you lead effectively and meet their needs while simultaneously staying true to your values, principles, and boundaries?

That, is the power of authentic leadership! It requires both courage and clarity to do what is needed to stay true to your goals and yourself.
  • Authentic leaders inspire others from the strength of their authentic presence - not from the power of their positions or titles.

  • Authentic leaders act externally in a consistent manner with who they are and what they believe internally.

  • Authentic leaders continuously seek self-awareness and relentlessly seek objective criticism.

Come to the heart of horse country!
What better way to experience a program on authentic leadership than the place where passion, competition, spirit, and values all come together - a gorgeous horse farm with a state-of-the-art conference facility in the heart of Kentucky!

Join us for this unique and powerful workshop and develop the authentic leader in you.

* This workshop combines morning sessions with horse partners (non-mounted) and afternoon sessions in a state-of-the-art conference facility.