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Professionally Facilitated Management Planning,
Executive, Leadership and Team Retreats

Your investment of time for an effective, off-site retreat can be significant, and our goal is to ensure you realize a return on that investment for the long-term.

Customized for your needs, we will agree on goals and objectives, then set the agenda for a well-designed and well-facilitated session. Get results:

  • Clarify your corporate or team vision
  • Discuss strategy
  • Make key decisions
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Set your priorities
  • Develop the action plan

The most successful strategic planning is done by teams that have the same vision, and are moving forward in the same direction - together.

For that reason, all of our retreats begin with our powerful, three-hour "Building a Cohesive Team" session with our horse partners. Dynamics of a horse herd give powerful insight into team dynamics.

To better understand this method, check out "Team Building".


The use of a skilled facilitator during planning sessions keeps participants engaged, focused and on track. Passions run high when critical decisions need to be made, and the facilitator's role is to manage those passions and push through to right conclusions.

Prior facilitated sessions include:

  • Developing the vision/mission statement and supporting goals
  • Determining an immediate core purpose
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • How do we become one of the "top 100 firms to work for"
  • Cross-functional teams - understanding each other's worlds
  • Defining business requirements for technology development
  • Standardizing core business processes
  • Process redesign and improvement

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