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What our clients are saying -

"I can't tell you how much we all enjoyed the experience at Universal Reins. It was definitely the topic of conversation during the evening at dinner and on the drive home. We were also anxious to share the experience with others back at the office. We all agreed that it was one of, if not the best, team/leadership experiences we have ever been a part of!"
- Lori M.

"You helped us plan and accomplish in one session what would normally take 3-4 meetings, and we still wouldn't have it this clearly defined!"
- Tom B.

"I feel like the team reached a breakthrough place. Usually, just when people start to open up and have honest dialogue, our time together is over. I finally feel like we have a connection we can build on."
- Lisa D.

"I realized I am impatient and have a somewhat overbearing leadership style that needs to change. I've missed opportunities by a lack of sharing."
- Dwight K.


"Hey Kelly - just a note to say thank you. Not only did we leave Reins with a better understanding and appreciation of each others' styles and skills, we left with a very concrete, core purpose that the entire team has agreed to move forward with. I can't tell you the last time I felt this level of unity, and I'm excited about the results this will bring us."
- Michael P.

"I've always made leadership so complicated, yet after seeing the horses, I realize how simple it truly can be."
- Randy P.

"I realized how my own energy can have an effect on others without realizing it. I really want to learn more about my strengths and how to capitalize on them."
- Julie T.

"I became aware of my true leadership abilities and style, and felt the group recognized what I have to offer."
- Janelle T.

"It dawned on me during this experience that everyone is a volunteer - there really is no "boss". With that said, there is a need for a strong leader and a shared goal, vision and direction."
- Tony S.